Advancing the Practice of Customer Success

CXology is a community learning experience for retention leaders that incorporates self-guided learning, workshops, discussions, and events.
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Rally your company around customer growth.

Expand your reach within your customers.

Scale your operations with precision.

What is it

CXology paves the way for sustainable growth by prioritizing efficiency, adaptability, and quantification, all while ensuring a customer-centric approach.

CS leaders use CXology to guide their teams in engaging customers in continuous value driven dialogue, strategically prioritizing areas with the greatest business impact resulting in a scalable post-sale customer journey.

Strategic Customer Success is the intersection of three essential elements of customer experience (Leadership, Team, and Customer).

CXology is Strategic Customer Success. CXology equips you to meet the needs of the individual with simple-to-learn and easily launched concepts.

In the post-sale world, growth comes from being relevant, and retention comes from solving real problems. Doing this at scale is the challenge, and where CXology can help.

Play Library

Plays are the backbone of CXology. Get unlimited access to a growing library of plays for every key moment across the customer’s lifecycle with your company.

Skill Building

Skill building to improve your whole team’s approach to customer engagement. Topics include play adoption, health scoring, customer interviews, hiring & onboarding and much more!

Community Training

Learn and share with a global community of professionals and leaders.


Resources run the gamut to further support you as a customer experience leader, from skill building for your entire team to the Churn Virus calculator to quantify the cost of customer churn. And much more!


Ensure that every customer realizes value.

  • Forecast retention and financials with laser precision
  • Engage the whole company with a focus on the customer
  • Experience significant expansion and growth more often
  • Foster raving fans and advocates within your customer base

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