The Framework Guiding Powerful Customer Experiences

CXology courses were designed to enhance your customer experience right where it is. Our tested classes cover simple yet cutting-edge strategies, creating unforgettable customer interactions.

Unlock the key to building customer loyalty, driving business growth, and igniting a passion for excellence in customer-centricity.

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The Impact:

Reinforce the purchase by continuing to differentiate.

The Lesson:

Learn how to identify opportunities to engage externally and ensure a smooth handoff internally.

The Impact:

Build trust and confidence with the customer while creating momentum.

The Lesson:

We share the CXology flow to kick-off which enables efficient preparation and equips you to have a tailored kick-off conversation.

The Impact:

Effective preparation for your customer's first use.

The Lesson:

Learn the 6 motions every onboarding effort must complete to ensure a clear course is mapped for first value.

First Value
The Impact:

Ensure customers achieve a meaningful moment of value in weeks.

The Lesson:

Learn what first value is, why is it important, and how to use it to predict future success.


The Impact:

Recognize performance and foster deep alignment.

The Lesson:

An alternative to business reviews that your customers will want to participate in.

Goal Block
The Impact:

Increase the sophistication of product use.

The Lesson:

Learn how to establish a series of goals that will accomplish the larger outcome or reason for your customer’s purchase.

Sharing Insights
The Impact:

Customers will do the right things at the right time through quality persuasion/guidance.

The Lesson:

Learn a simple yet powerful way to communicate key customer insights which reinforce, celebrate and expand your reach within a business.

Grow and Retain
The Impact:

Drive towards the end goal of customer growth.

The Lesson:

Learn how to manage customers through a renewal, better position upsells and celebrate with your customers.

Supporting Lessons

Internal Playbook Adoption

Ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste by driving internal adoption of new playbooks.

Customer Offboarding

When churn happens ensure you leave the door open while learning key areas for improvements.

Customer Key Contact Change

Know exactly what to do when your champion leaves the organization.

Asking for Feedback

CXology’s technique and script for gain valuable insights from your customers.

Having a Difficult Conversation

Learn to apply active listening techniques to moments of conflict.

Get Started with Health Scoring

Learn the fundamentals of assessing health, CXology best practices and walk away with a working health score.

Communicate Product Updates

Build robust processes to coordinate key features releases with timeliness and professionalism.