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If you are a CS or CX leader looking for your next gig, join our upcoming CXology cohort! CXology is a brand new framework for CS and CX that teaches Strategic Customer Success.
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By joining, you will have an opportunity to access the CXology product and teachings for free, network with a group of peers, learn new skills and strategies, and help shape future lessons.

Space is limited to 20 CX/CS individuals, so apply today! Applications will be accepted through May 5th.

The Commitment
  • A weekly one hour discussion, Thursdays at 12:00 p.m. EST, with your cohort peers to review topics from the training.
  • A 1-hour product feedback session at the end of the cohort experience.
What You Receive
  • One course per week
  • Weekly meeting with a cohort of peers to discuss the course
  • Certification for each course completed (requires cohort participation)
The Cost: Free
  • Requires participation in cohorts
Kickoff Date
  • May 11th